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Patriot Games

Patriot Games

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Prequel to the 1990 film The Hunt for Red October, also based on a novel by Tom Clancy. Hunt starred Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan and featured Gates McFadden from TV's "Star Trek: the Next Generation" as Cathy Ryan. Baldwin, given the choice of Patriot Games or the Broadway revival of "Streetcar Named Desire," chose "Streetcar." Only James Earl Jones as Admiral James Greer returns in Patriot Games. Harrison Ford returned to star in the next Jack Ryan film as well - A Clear and Present Danger shot in 1993. The film downplays the British-Irish political and social issues raised in the novel and focuses on the threat to the family unit instead. Captain Michael T. Sherman and Lieutenant James E. Brooks served as Navy technical advisors. Patriot Games is the first feature to film inside CIA headquarters. Patriot Games is not to be confused with The Patriot Game, a 1978 French documentary by Arthur MacCaig on the struggle of the IRA to reunite Northern and southern Ireland and free all of Ireland from English rule. Estimated budget $43 million. Shot in Technicolor and Panavision on location in London, England; Washington, DC; Maryland; and Los Angeles, California. Filming began November 2, 1991; completed February 18, 1992. Sound by Dolby (Spectral Recording). Visual effects and video displays by Video Image. Screened at 1992 Venice Film Festival (Venetian Nights). Released in USA June 5, 1992. Released on video November 24, 1992. Reviewed in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times June 5, 1992. Available to buy in the UK.
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