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Pierced Heart and the Machete

Pierced Heart and the Machete

UPC: 884501853170

Format: DVD

Release Date: Feb 05, 2013


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This two-part sociology documentary from director Olivia Wyatt sets out to explore Haitian voudou (or voodoo) religious pilgrimages, that take place annually, in mid-July. Practitioners make the first in honor of Erzulie Dantor, goddess of passion, love, and art. Locals believe that she resides in a sacred waterfall just outside of Ville-Bonheur; with that in mind, thousands flock to the area to worship and bathe in the said formation. Then, at the end of July, worshippers migrate to Plaine du Nord in North Haiti, with a pilgrimage meant to honor Erzulie's husband, Ogoun - the god of healing, war and iron. In this celebration, Haitians bathe in sacred mud pools where Ogoun is said to live. Wyatt films both of these events with a detailed eye and a feel for local spirituality, culture and lore.
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