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Pirates Who Don't Do Anything - A Veggietales Movie

Pirates Who Don't Do Anything - A Veggietales Movie

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For THE PIRATES WHO DON'T DO ANYTHING, the second big-screen VEGGIETALES adventure, everyone's favorite computer-animated talking edibles embark on a time-traveling, seafaring journey. Voiced by co-creators Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki, George (aka Pa Grape), Sedgewick (Mr. Lunt), and Elliot (Larry the Cucumber) work in mundane jobs at a pirate-themed dinner theater. Longing for more but too lazy to change, the unmotivated threesome get their wish when a strange object transports them back to the 17th century, and they have to rise to the challenge of being real pirates.

Riffing off of the general themes of THE WIZARD OF OZ and clearly sharing similarities with the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films, this movie, which is actually based on a VeggieTales song of the same name, uses its silly produce protagonists and their high-seas hijinks to instill themes of courage and assertiveness in its young viewers. Those looking for the blatant Biblical themes that are usually present in the popular video series (see the earlier JONAH film) may be slightly disappointed by their absence, but the VeggieTales characters still manage to convey plenty of positive messages amidst their exploits. While PIRATES doesn't hit Pixar levels of mass appeal, the movie is sure to entertain small children.
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