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Please Murder Me

Please Murder Me

UPC: 089218521897

Format: DVD

Release Date: Jan 30, 2007

Rating: Not Rated

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This is a well above average Alpha Video release, containing a pair of movies that are worth seeing. Please Murder Me generally looks good and has consistent sound, while the bonus feature, A Life At Stake, is strong enough to stand on its own as a low-budget film noir. (The link between the two pictures is that they both star Angela Lansbury, at what was surely the low point of her screen career, in a pair of roles that might better have been played by Barbara Stanwyck (indeed, both movies recall Double Indemnity, and Please Murder Me also brings to mind Crime Of Passion). Oddly enough, Please Murder Me, the main feature in this pairing, has more technical problems, including a vertical line that runs down the screen in some shots and uneven sound, but in the main they're both competently transferred and treated in this release. Alpha has also loaded each of these movies (which don't run more than 70 minutes each) with seven chapters each, which are well-placed and fit the nature of the material just right.
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