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Portae Infernales

Portae Infernales

UPC: 810044711028

Format: DVD

Release Date: Feb 25, 2020


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The horror-anthology, Portae Infernales -- Three Gates To Hell", is an Austrian production by Markus Wimberger, Frens Mike, Herbert Gantner, and Philip Lilienschwarz. It consists of three episodes: "Agonia", "The Brotherhood", and "Inhumanity". Episode 1, "Inhumanity": Kaj, a young man plagued by inner demons, decides to take revenge on the people who have once tormented him. At the top of the list is Kaj's class teacher Prof. Bohler. Episode 2, "The Brotherhood": Three students fall into the clutches of a mysterious professor who is the leader of a secret Satanic circle. Episode 3, "Agonia": Lisa is kidnapped by men on the street in broad daylight, and is henceforth kept on a chain as their plaything for sexual and sadistic desires. After a much suffering, a supernatural event changes things around.
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