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Recess the Movie: School's Out [WS]

Recess the Movie: School's Out [WS]

UPC: 786936147902

Format: DVD

Release Date: Aug 07, 2001

Rating: G

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Though the animation in Disney's Recess: School's Out is no better than what one would find on Saturday morning, the DVD tries its best to strive for a little more. For starters, the image, which is framed at 1.66:1 and is anamorphic, is surprisingly detailed. Detail is very sharp and colors are well saturated. Little to no distracting elements means that the picture here translates extremely well from the theatrical version, maybe even more so since the children's series comes from television in the first place. The sound is also strong, with a 5.1 Dolby Digital English track. While generally centered up front without much use of the surround speakers, dialogue and sound effects are clear and distinct, which is probably all that can be asked for with a film like this. Also available is a Spanish-language track and English closed-captions. In an unexpected move, a number of extras have been included that are designed more for younger viewers. Along with two music videos, the theatrical trailer, and numerous Disney "sneak peeks" including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Monsters, Inc., there is a ten-minute featurette called "Animation Camp" that shows the different steps in making this film. Also included is a very brief segment with ten secrets of Recess, the most amusing being that the series' creators can't draw. Finally, along with some DVD-ROM content, is a Recess comic book that can be viewed with our without narration and a game where three of the kids need to be rescued in the playground. All in all, while not an outstanding film, Disney has produced a nice DVD that will especially appeal to kids.
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