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Rocky Jones, Space Ranger - Beyond the Moon

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger - Beyond the Moon

UPC: 089218443298

Format: DVD

Release Date: Jul 22, 2004

Rating: Not Rated

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BEYOND THE MOON is the debut episode of the low-budget, live kiddie sci-fi show ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER, reedited into a feature-length film. Airing between 1953 and 1955, the show followed the adventures of its title character as he defended the forces of good against all manner of evildoers. In BEYOND THE MOON, word reaches the Headquarters for Space Affairs that Professor Newton has become a traitor; further investigation reveals that he and his young charge Bobby have been brainwashed and held captive by the inhabitants of the renegade planet Officius. Rocky and his sidekick Winky set off to rescue the Professor, joined by interplanetary translator Vena; the Rangers battle the brainwashing Officians and save the day, uncovering a spy among the ranks at Headquarters while they're at it!
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