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Rundown [WS]

Rundown [WS]

UPC: 025192329029

Format: DVD

Release Date: Mar 23, 2004

Rating: PG13

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The Rock hits DVD once again in Columbia Pictures' release of the underappreciated, amped-up actioner The Rundown. Presented in an anamorphic 2.35:1 widescreen image (it's also available in a separate full-screen version), the picture quality is pristine, as is the sound, which comes in both a 5.1 and a 2.0 Dolby Digital track. Apart from the stellar packaging and presentation (check out that shiny cover), The Rundown has been given one wild treatment as far as bonus materials go. Things start off with director Peter Berg and The Rock's audio commentary track, which is truly a blast from beginning to end. The duo prove their uncanny chemistry as the banter moves from Tom Arnold in a wrestling match to Berg egging on his lead star to grow his hair out for his next role -- a bold and hilarious idea if there ever was one! For this track alone, the DVD is worth it! Of course, there's more fun to be had, with another commentary from the producers as well as a heap-load of featurettes for the viewer to dive into. For a good look at the over-the-top action of the film, check out "Rumble in the Jungle" -- a ten-minute glimpse at the stunts that features great behind-the-scenes footage of fight choreographer Andy Cheng and his crew. Additionally, "The Amazon, Hawaii-Style" shows how the production transformed the Hawaiian Islands into a jungle landscape, while "Appetite for Destruction" dives into the pyrotechnics and visual effects that litter the film's more explosive moments. "The Rundown Uncensored" is a goofy bit that highlights the controversial love affair between one of the monkeys and the headlining star, while "Running Down the Town" is yet another featurette on the location shoot and how the crew transformed a national park into a red-earthed Brazilian town. The "Walken's World" documentary is exactly what it is -- a candid look at what it's like working with the legendary Christopher Walken and such juicy bits as which actor was scared to death of the acting legend (hint: his initials are S.W.S.!). Add on to all of that 14 minutes of deleted scenes (including a few extra major action sequences), and you basically have the disc right there. If you managed to catch the flick on the big screen, you should know how much of a good time it is, so it's a pleasure to say that the same humor has been translated to all of the extras here. Sadly, no theatrical trailer was included, though that seems to be the norm for big Hollywood DVDs these days.
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