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Former photographer Jerry Schatzberg follows up his explosive directorial debut THE PANIC IN NEEDLE PARK with SCARECROW, which captured the Grand Prize at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival. Opening on a desolate highway, two drifters stumble into each other, and decide to hitchhike together across the country. Max (Gene Hackman), just released from prison, wants more than anything to own a car wash in Pittsburgh, staying out of trouble and living his life as an honest man. Lion (Al Pacino), who has returned from working at sea, dreams of reuniting with the wife and daughter he left behind years ago in Detroit. Embarking on their strange, confused journey, the dusty pair encounters a cast of peculiar characters as they struggle to reach their destinations (including a stop-off at Hackman's sister's house in Colorado). In the end, after beginning to accept the truth--that their dreams are not going to come to fruition--they find friendship, trust, and love, giving their lives justification.

Superbly acted by Pacino and Hackman--and grittily photographed by Vilmos Zsigmond--Schatzberg's film contains a brilliant blend of comedy, drama, and tragedy, resulting in a truly unforgettable viewing experience (a la MIDNIGHT COWBOY), making SCARECROW a stellar example of the highly personal character-driven films that made 1970s Hollywood such a brilliant, distinct period.
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