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Sette Scialli Di Seta Gialla

Sette Scialli Di Seta Gialla

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Format: Blu-ray Disc

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Italian director Sergio Pastore made some fantastically inventive films in his lifetime, building his reputation as a master of the crime/thriller genre over a 20 year span before his unfortunate death in 1987 robbed the world of his talents. SETTE SCIALLI DI SETA GIALLA (aka THE CRIMES OF THE BLACK CAT) was made in 1972, and begins with a blind pianist discovering that his girlfriend has been murdered. A clue lies in a conversation that he overheard in a bar the night before the event, although a yellow silk scarf provides further intrigue. Pastore offers a few grand guignol-esque set pieces as his film draws to a powerful conclusion, while also teasing some splendid performances from his excellent cast.
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