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Snow Creature

Snow Creature

UPC: 089218408099

Format: DVD

Release Date: Nov 19, 2002

Rating: NR

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The Snow Creature is probably the least known of W. Lee Wilder's science fiction/horror films of the mid-1950's, and was never as widely shown as his Killers From Space or Phantom From Space. So on that basis alone, at least for completists in the field of low-budget science fiction, this DVD may be a welcome arrival. It's also one of the better quality releases in Alpha Video's library, from a clean (though hardly sparkling) source print, a little faded and worn but otherwise intact, and mastered without any significant flaws. The audio is in slightly better shape than the video, displaying healthy volume and resonance. The six chapters are just about adequate for a very episodic (and, it must be conceded, at times slow-moving) film. It runs 69 minutes, slightly under the movie's official full-length running time of 72 minutes.
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