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So's Your Aunt Emma

So's Your Aunt Emma

UPC: 089218480798

Format: DVD

Release Date: Jul 26, 2005

Rating: Not Rated

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Meet the Mob was also shipped out as So's Your Aunt Emma in deference to its star, dithery ZaSu Pitts. Aunt Emma (Pitts), a fiftysomething spinster, comes to the Big City to visit her prizefighter nephew Mickey (Bud McTaggart). Upon discovering that Mickey is mixed up with gangsters, Aunt Emma takes it upon herself to bring the criminals to justice. For this purpose, she teams with crusading reporter Terry (Roger Pryor). Things go from sublime to really ridiculous when the mobsters mistake Emma for a notorious murderess, whereupon they extend her every courtesy as own of their "own". While it's fun to see ZaSu Pitts "act tough" for the benefit of the villains, the fun wears thin when it's spread out over six reels.
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