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Tear Us Apart [Blu-ray]

Tear Us Apart [Blu-ray]

UPC: 810044719178

Format: Blu-ray

Release Date: Apr 06, 2021

Rating: TVMA

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In the months following the disappearance of their young daughter, Drew and Helen are handling the stress very differently. Drew has come to terms with his situation and is attempting to move forward, while Helen has taken the opposite track: a walking zombie in her day-to-day life, unable to truly address what has happened. Thus, the two are taken to a cottage in the woods by their therapist, Dr. Thad Stevens, in a last ditch effort to rectify their marriage. Upon their arrival, however, Helen discovers a number of strange occurrences: the TV turns on-and-off on its own, whispers and children's laughter intermittently fill the house, and something is following her wherever she goes. Is Helen increasingly losing her grip on reality? Or is there truth to the things she's seeing and hearing
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