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This Is Spinal Tap

This Is Spinal Tap

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"There's such a fine line between stupid and..."--David St. Hubbins (Michael McKean) "...And clever."--Derek Smalls (Harry Shearer) "The numbers all go to eleven. Look...right across the board."--Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest), explaining the volume controls on his amplifiers "Ahh...oh, I see..."--Marty DiBergi (Rob Reiner) "Eleven...eleven...eleven..."--Nigel "And most of these amps go up to ten."--Marty "Exactly."--Nigel "Does that mean it's...louder? Is it any louder?"--Marty "Well, it's one louder, isn't it?"--Nigel "Why don't you just make ten louder and make ten be the top number and make that a little louder?"--Marty "[Pause]... These go to eleven."--Nigel "'How much more black could this be?' And the answer is: 'None...none more black.'"--Nigel "'On what day did God create Spinal Tap, and couldn't he have rested on that day also?'"--Marty, reading a review of Spinal Tap's latest album "'They are treading water in a sea of retarded sexuality and bad poetry."'--Marty, reading more from the review "That's...that's nit-picking, isn't it?"--Nigel "The official cause of death is he died of choking on vomit. It wasn't his own vomit. He choked on somebody else's vomit."--Nigel "I'm really influenced by Mozart and Bach, and it's sort of in between those, really, it's like a Mach piece, really."--Nigel "What do you call this?"--Marty "Well, this piece is called 'Lick My Love Pump.'"--Nigel "I think that the problem may have been that there was a Stonehenge monument on the stage that was in danger of being crushed by a dwarf."--David
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