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Wayne Murder Case

Wayne Murder Case

UPC: 089218441195

Format: DVD

Release Date: May 25, 2004

Rating: Unrated

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A varied group of more or less greedy relatives is once again gathered at the reading of a will in this atmospheric thriller from low-budget Monogram Pictures. But this time, the benefactor, Silas Wayne (William V. Mong), isn't quite dead yet and the law, in the persons of dense Lieutenant Mitchell (Regis Toomey) and his equally addle-brained reporter girlfriend, Toodles (June Clyde), is already present in the room. Suddenly, Silas slumps over and Dr. Bailey (Jason Robards) pronounces him very much dead, the victim of a vicious dagger. But whodunit? And how? Among the suspects are the deceased's housekeeper, Mrs. Sheen (Lucille La Verne), niece Sarah (Isabelle Vecki), and her husband, Stephen (Alan Roscoe), and nephews Robert (Dwight Frye) and Claude (Eddie Phillips). The latter, however, has gone missing and is later found strangled in a closet by a terrified Toodles. The old man's innocent ward, Gloria (Nadine Dore), then finds herself kidnapped by a masked figure who, as Lieutenant Mitchell discovers, is none other than.... Well, suffice it to say, the murderer proves to be the least obvious suspect.
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