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West Wittering Affair

West Wittering Affair

UPC: 880215104898

Format: DVD

Release Date: Apr 12, 2022

Rating: NR

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The West Wittering Affair marks the debut feature of the fraternal writing-directing team of Danny Scheinmann and David Scheinmann. Topically, this British comedy of sexual mores plunges headfirst into the romantic and erotic intrigues among girlfriends Natasha (Rebecca Cardinale) and Kathy (Sarah Sutcliffe), and two of their lovers: the psychoanalyst Greg (David Annen) and ladykiller Jamie (Danny Scheinmann). As the story opens, Kathy places an entry in her video diary, lamenting the degree to which things have changed "in the three years after West Wittering." The film then flashes back to the events in question, when Kathy temporarily housesat at a friend's farm in Wittering, and invited prospective beau Jamie, Natasha, and Natasha's significant other, Greg, to spend the weekend with her. When Greg didn't show up (still reeling from a fight with Natasha), Jamie spent one long, intoxicated evening with Natasha and Kathy, and wheedled his way into the beds of both women; the next morning, when the girls discovered Jamie's infidelities, they tied him, naked, to a table in the house and left him there. All appeared to be said and done, with a colorful past buried - until a series of events reunited the four lovers, including an unexpected therapy session between Jamie and Greg, pregnancies, recouplings, rekindled arguments, and another wild visit to the same farmhouse.
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