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Worm Eaters

Worm Eaters

UPC: 089218103093

Format: DVD

Release Date: Apr 24, 2007

Rating: PG

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This deliberately off-kilter horror-comedy returns to DVD after several years out-of-print in this release from Alpha Home Entertainment. The Worm Eaters has been give a widescreen transfer to disc in the aspect ratio of 1.85:1, letterboxed on conventional televisions and enhanced for anamorphic play on 16x9 monitors. The source materials used for this disc have seen better days, and while the colors are bright and clear, the print is scratched and contains a number of visible splices. The audio has been mastered in Dolby Digital Stereo, and the sound quality is as good as the source print allows, which is to say it's adequate without being especially noteworthy. The dialogue is in English, with no multiple language options or subtitles. As a bonus, this edition includes an optional commentary track from producer Ted V. Mikels, who is cheerful but doesn't give a very deep insight into the making of the film; trailers for The Worm Eaters and several other pictures from Mikels are also included. While some horror fans will be happy to see The Worm Eaters available again, the quality of this release isn't likely to impress anyone.
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